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About Us

Help Families Overcome Financial Obstacles to Proper Healthcare and Housing Today

The Courtney Lynn Foundation is inspired by an incredible young woman who has been battling multiple complex health conditions for the past 9 years. She has been left homeless without being able to afford proper care. We are determined to help Courtney gain back her health and we are not planning on stopping there. We will continue to raise money and spread awareness for people like Courtney so nobody has to be left in the position of worrying for their health and not being able to get the right support, treatment, housing and finances in which to heal.


The Courtney Lynn Foundation was started because there is an epidemic of chronically ill people in this country and abroad who are suffering with various chronic, complex, and extremely debilitating medical conditions such as Chronic Lyme Disease and Toxic Mold Illness. Many do not have the financial means to receive proper treatment. The majority of the time specialized medical care is mostly or completely out of pocket.


Additionally, there is also a large sub set of these people who are dealing with severe environmental sensitivities to mold and building chemicals, which makes it extremely difficult or impossible to find tolerable housing they can heal in. These conditions are known as: Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). Those suffering from these conditions require specially built housing in order to heal, however more times than not, they cannot afford it. This eventually leaves them not only chronically ill but also homeless.


The people who are involved in this charity organization all come from some form of medical background and have been in contact with large groups of people who were not being properly helped while suffering with these complicated medical conditions. They saw that a lot of these people could not afford long term out of pocket medical costs with specialized physicians. They also found that these people were not able to afford specialized housing, which was needed in order for them to heal. That is the reason we started this foundation. There should not be a single person who does not receive proper medical care due to their financial status, and with your help we can put a stop to this now.

The Courtney Lynn Foundation
Help Families Overcome Financial Obstacles to Proper Healthcare and Housing Today