Amanda Vanvels | The Courtney Lynn Foundation
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Amanda Vanvels

I started getting sick about 2 years ago. I was living in a visibly moldy apartment and didn’t realize it could have any effect on my health. It was a dark and damp 1st story apartment. The mold grew on our shoes and we’d just wipe them off and keep wearing them. The baseboards were moldy and our apartment complex would just come replace them and the mold would grow back about a month later. The walls must have been very full of mold on the inside. My first symptoms were feeling extremely tired all of the time and feeling drunk constantly. It was hard for me to function at work feeling this way. I started to get a lot of muscle weakness, brain fog, muscle twitching, multiple infections (ear, uti).

Here’s a photo of the only things i took with me after the move, and i got rid of half of this once i actually had time to dig through everything due to cross contamination of the mold spores on all of my belongings.

In the last 6 months my health really declined…urgent care sent me to the ER twice because they couldn’t help me. The ER didn’t help either obviously. I had swollen lymph nodes without any infection, stabbing ice pick headaches, numbness in different parts of my body, constant plugged ears, weird brain sensations, chest tightness, pain and weird sensations in my feet and calves, extreme anxiety and panic, constantly feeling like i was going to die and could not see a future for myself at all, it was just blank. My ER bills totaled up to about $9000 with absolutely zero answers, they just sent me home with antibiotics. I finally did a ton of research and came across mold toxicity. I had 90% of the symptoms listed. I found a mold doctor and have spent about $2000 with her doing testing and supplements and visits to her. Plus i was seeing a naturopath before that who thought maybe i was dealing with adrenal fatigue (which i probably am but of course treating just that is not enough) and probably have spent close to $3000 with her. I also had to move and get rid of 75% of my things. The only things i kept were dishes and my clothes (which i had to thoroughly clean). Ive probably spent $1500 at least on new stuff for my apartment and it’s still only the bare minimum. Im traumatized and am afraid to buy furniture for my new apartment in case mold happens again and i need to move. The only thing i have in my apartment is a bed and a portable sauna for detoxing. Its been 1 month out of mold and some of these symptoms have decreased thankfully but i feel like it’s a long road ahead to completely heal.