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Courtney Lynn

Help Families Overcome Financial Obstacles to Proper Healthcare and Housing Today

Courtney is a 33 year old disabled nurse that has been diagnosed with Biotoxin Illness/Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) and Chronic Lyme Disease which are a series of complex & devastating illnesses that often go hand in hand. These illnesses have left her unable to work and homeless for the past five years due to the severe sensitivities to mold and chemicals she’s developed.

The Courtney Lynn Foundation
courtney lynn

Courtney’s health conditions resulted from her living in a 200 year old apartment with unknowingly high levels of hidden toxic mold for years, however the symptoms of Neurological Lyme Disease began as far back as middle school going misdiagnosed all those years as she silently suffered. After moving into the residence with hidden mold and becoming immune suppressed, she became fully debilitated. It caused a buildup of dangerous toxins in her body, difficult to clear due to a genetic abnormality known as the HLA-DR gene. Once this gene becomes activated (often due to a large exposure), people with this condition become intolerant of any mold at all. Because of this she is extremely reactive to even minute amounts of mold toxins that are in almost all cars, buildings and homes. This is known as CIRS/Biotoxin Illness. This causes an auto -immune-like reaction which can cause debilitating symptoms unless she is not being exposed and rigidly being able to control her environment. Patients with this condition are often forced to be homeless living out of cars, tents etc. unable to find a safe living space. Unless they have the funds and support for specialized housing.

Courtney has been completely isolated away from family and friends due to this condition. She has had to move numerous times across the USA because her housing options were too toxic and she did not have the proper funds for specialized housing. If she’d had the right support and financial help she would’ve been well years ago or at least close to it. This is the sad reality for many of our patients we treat here at our clinic with this condition. It’s a silent epidemic that is absolutely tragic to have to live through. They not only lose everything they own, like in a fire, but also their health and it is not inexpensive to recover from.

Courtney is someone who has a big heart, loves animals and kids. As a nurse Courtney had big dreams of helping sick people as a missionary, and starting her own family at some point. Please help us help this young lady gain her health back and a chance at a normal life, thank you.

Based on experts recommendations, Courtney would do best in a safe living environment similar to the ones found here: and


She is also in great need of transportation in the form of a cargo van or work truck as these vehicles work best because they are mostly metal and have little to no fabric in them. 

Also the cost of specialized treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease and Biotoxin Illness (which is not covered by insurance), can range anywhere up to $1500/month or much more and can take up to a couple years until they start to feel significantly better, not to mention will require multiple specialists in order for Courtney to get adequate treatment. She needs help. Any donations large or small will be a tremendous blessing to Courtney and will be humbly appreciated.

We greatly appreciate your love & support. We ask that you please share this with your friends, family & professional network to help spread the word for Courtney so she can finally focus on moving forward and healing. If you would like to get educated more on Courtney’s condition, we have included some website links below in the footer.

Help Families Overcome Financial Obstacles to Proper Healthcare and Housing Today