Kim Bolland | The Courtney Lynn Foundation
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Kim Bolland

I was just married to someone in the Army and we were starting our new life in Italy when my health came to a crash in 2007. I gave up my career to follow him to his duty station. I started getting sick within a week of being there. We got a rental sheet on mold maintenance when we first moved in.

That little piece of paper was a sign of what was to come, if I only knew to run from that place. I lost my gallbladder and developed Graves Disease and had many symptoms from the hidden toxic mold exposure while living there. I got pregnant and miscarried which devastated me. Little did I know I would never be able to have children.


My health never recovered after that and I was bed-ridden many years off and on since living in that home. My husband tired of me being sick, pulled away and eventually got a girlfriend. He ended up divorcing me. Since then I was left homeless, I have been in my car going to the ER everyday due to the hypersensitivity I have developed after the long term exposure to toxic mold. I now have been sleeping on couches and my disability was denied, I have no income. I am close to giving up. I have a list of conditions that have resulted because of the way the toxic mold has affected my body such as, celiac disease, mast cell disorder, gastritis, as well as many others.


I have called everyone I can think of, and can get no help. I desperately need a home I can heal in, this would require it to be completely free from mold and chemicals, as my body is now so hypersensitive to the smallest amounts of these environmental triggers. My health is failing. I’m scared and alone. I always wanted a child, small home, and a simple life. I still pray every night that there is a way to have at least a safe home since my health depends on it.


– Kim Bolland