Laurie Uhler | The Courtney Lynn Foundation
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Laurie Uhler

I am a 53 year old mom of two who has lost it all due to CIRS, MCS, and Lyme. I acquired Lyme and multiple co-infections as a child living in MA, but it went misdiagnosed until I was 45. I have been in treatment for years and was improving but can no longer afford it. I am in need of a safe home where there are no environmental triggers, I can eat organic food, and take the specialized treatment. I can no longer care for myself and need assistance with all aspects of self care. It is a tall order.


I worked as a pediatric audiologist and was raising my kids, enjoying simple pleasures like taking nature walks. I want to be able to walk again, care for myself and my family. I dream of returning to my work, which is helping people hear better. My brain currently is not working so well, so my story is a lot longer than I am able to write. My 2 kids also have similar health issues but are not nearly as sick as I am.


Laurie Uhler – MA