Susan Singleton | The Courtney Lynn Foundation
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Susan Singleton

Mine started 6 years ago. With multiple hospital visits, heart tests, heart catch, you name it I’ve had it checked and they would find nothing. I started getting worse and decided to see a holistic practitioner that found my mold issue. We then had our home inspected and found it. $50,000 in hospital bills. And then $25,000 and still adding in home repair bills. It’s has caused family relationship issues, it has taken our life savings and it claimed the life of my beloved pet in November as it invaded her lymphs (we found her cancer two weeks after my diagnosis). Insurance pays for nothing, not health or home. We shouldn’t be treated this way. It’s should be recognized and home owners insurance should cover this. We can’t afford to move as the house needs more repairs that we can’t afford at this time. It’s dreadful what it does to a life.