Taisi Volt | The Courtney Lynn Foundation
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Taisi Volt

Sry my mistakes, im not a fluent english speaker. My story. Im 34. I have 18 years old son. Tick bite had when i was a kid. In my childhood home have mold. I had all kind of things there. Bladder problems, headaches, herpes and so on. So this is my first exposure. When i was 18/19 (2004) i changed the country. Moved to the Finland from Estonia. I lived in the north three years, then a year or something in moldy house. I didnt know that mold can make you sick. I had headaches there and numbness in my face. I thought its just because of headache. 2011 i moved to another moldy apartment and me and my son both had different symptoms. I had headaches, nose bleeding, nightmares, muscle loss, weakness, numbness, spine pain, pain and swelling in bones. I moved to another apartment which is clean. My son were in the moldy schools and he quit the school and try to find job now. He had many symptoms there and i get symptoms from his clothes as well. now im in home, because my health is messed up, i saw 5 docs and one microbiologist. I know i have anemia, adrenal fatigue, low vitamin d. But i feel very weird. I lost a lot of weight. My tongue is black i dont know why. I cant sleep. Im dizzy when i walk in the morning. My bladder doesnt work like have to. My kidneys hurt. My spine twitching when i rest. I sleep somehow in the sauna. Like i close my eyes and brains are working. Awful feeling. Docs gave two sleeping meds which doesnt help. This is my story lets see what happens. Im still positive to find the way out. I wish everything good to everyone. We are all humans