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Tim Lebert

My wife, my 2 kids (who were born in our previous home), and myself lived in our previous home for 17 years. Once the mold became more visual I had the home professionally tested and the mold spores were extremely high. Out of concern for my family‘s health we immediately left the home and lived in a hotel for 5 months. I later went back into the home to gather some personal items that were in porous boxes (big mistake). Shortly thereafter I ended up in an Intensive Care Unit. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me and they told my wife that they were close to losing me. They diagnosed me with pneumonia, severe respiratory infection, interaction with the medications they gave me since I was delirious, and unknown toxins [emphasis added]. It all came down to mold toxicity. We trashed all of our belongings since I likely fall into the 25% of those who are genetically predisposed to mold illness (HLA-DR) and I almost died from it. Of course, I want to keep my family healthy. Most of our belongings were porous so it just wasn’t worth the hassle of determining what belongings could come with us. We replaced our belongings, we rented an apartment, and bought a second home, but the second house ended up having “severe” mold air quality and surface mold found through professional testing in the basement and high levels of mold underneath the kitchen sink area. Also quite a bit of mold underneath the floor boards in the attic. Talk about bad luck. 2 houses in a row. I found a great Mold Illness doctor and I am going through multiple detoxing procedures. My lab results, called MycoTox Profile, shows very high levels of Ochratixin-A levels which is a category of Aspergillus. The housing market in our area is terrible and I love my wife and kids so I am not in a position to pack my bags and go on a sabbatical to find a dryer climate to live in. Now we have to move again due to these issues, just don’t know where we can go due to the housing market. I sincerely wish everyone the best in their own personal journey.

tim lebert
tim lebert

(Photos are just a very small portion of what we had to throw out and one of our nights in the hotel)

ESTIMATED COSTS: $120,000 to date due to our mold experiences.


Itemized below, which is not 100% accurate but close. Most don’t have a dollar amount since it would take quite a bit of time putting it together.


  • 5 months in hotel
  • $12,000 medical bills resulting from my Intensive Care Unit treatment
  • Breaking a lease (2 months penalty)
  • Renting a dumpster to trash all our belongings
  • Replacing personal all belongings and exercise equipment
  • 2 computers
  • Replacing all sports equipment for our boys
  • Hepa Vacuum cleaner
  • Clothes Washer
  • Clothes Dryer
  • Professionally cleaning 2 SUVS (waste of $ and time)
  • Bedroom sets for my wife and me as well the boys bedroom
  • 3 TVS
  • School materials
  • $400 orthopedic sneakers needed due to my neuropathy medical conditions. Needed 2 due since I needed an outdoor and indoor pairs due to limiting mold getting into apartment
  • Replace snow blower
  • Mold testing
  • Due to the tough housing market, we needed to put an additional downpayment as well as pay $ over the asking price of the second home due to the other competitive interested buyers
  • Moving costs to move from apartment to a second home
  • Furniture for second home, which we learned has 3 areas of mold. Testing revealed (“Severe”) air quality issue in second home.
  • Now we have to go through the move out, trash belongings again
  • Mold Illness Doctor Visits and related tests, detox costs. The doctor does not take insurance since insurance companies in my area don’t believe in mold illness.
  • multiple contractors for second home.
  • Remediation
  • Therapy for the family


This is just the past, the future will be high as well and their goes our money put away for the boys’ education.